The Shapeshifting Chronicles are stories told in the first-person by two Tauren Druids, brothers in spirit, in their quests though the World of Warcraft.
This is their stories. This is their path.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Venture into the Chasm

Today while I visited Elder Rise to some druid training I was approached by Rahauro. Speaking in behalf of Magatha, whose heart weighs in grief, he told me the story of Maur Grimtotem. This was new to me, but apparently there is a darker area in Orgrimmar called Ragefire Chasm. It’s an underground cave where a cult loyal to the demonic Shadow Council has taken up residence. It is called “The Burning Blade”. I still don’t know much about them but I know enough to understand that they stand everything against what the horde and the orc culture stand for. Evil is a word that comes to mind. Safe to say, that cult’s like this should be fought with all our strength and are a reminder that sometimes we don’t need to walk far to fight evil when most of the times it brews right on our door step.

Rahauro believes that Thrall let’s them be for the time being with the purpose that they could lead him to the highest echelons of the Shadow Council, but they’re existence is starting to take its toll.

Maur Grimtotem, found something peculiar while in the Chasm, but he never made it out to show Magatha what it was. He’s been missing, assumingly he probably is dead. Rahauro asked me to step into the Chasm in order to recover Maur’s satchel and reclaim his body if possible. I could never turn my back to such an honorable quest. It’s our obligation to take part in the actions that could bring such an evil cult to the ground, and we druids always look for the righteous path in order to keep the natural balance of nature in check.

I’m currently gathering some courageous souls to join me in this quest. Send me some good winds Earth Mother for tonight....tonight I will venture into the Chasm.

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