The Shapeshifting Chronicles are stories told in the first-person by two Tauren Druids, brothers in spirit, in their quests though the World of Warcraft.
This is their stories. This is their path.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A little piece of heaven...

" Dearest Naad,

There is hope after all. So I've heard through a fellow Tauren in Crossroads that there are some Oasis Pools spread around The Barrens. He asked me to find one called Forgotten Pools to get him some spores from there. Don't ask about it, I'm pretty sure he will recruit you as well when your time comes. But bottom line....there is a little piece of heaven in The Barrens and I've found it. It's amazingly green, cool and fresh. Lots of tall tree's like you've never seen in Mulgore with exotic and juicy fruits to kill your hunger, dense and soft grass for you to lie down in a hot day and most important, a fantastic small pond with fresh water and tasty fish waiting to be taken by our fishing poles. How long has it been since our last fishing trip friend? I've been missing those days a lot. Hope to find you here soon enough, and a trip to the Forgotten Pools is a safe-bet my friend.

Ok... there's is a downside to it. There always is. The area is infested in the filthy Kolkar. But I guess that's nothing a couple of young and strong druids can't handle right?

Walk with the Earth Mother my friend

Kayrn Winterhorn "

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