The Shapeshifting Chronicles are stories told in the first-person by two Tauren Druids, brothers in spirit, in their quests though the World of Warcraft.
This is their stories. This is their path.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A full day

I am tired. Very tired.
Yesterday was a full day. I have crossed The Barrens back and forth, fought beasts, the Kolkar, helped little creatures... It was a very rewarding day. Yet, I'm exhausted.
The Barrens can fool you. In a glance, one could say it's a dry, dead land. One could not be more wrong. There is a vast variety of life -- much more than there is in Mulgore! I have seen and fought huge birds that go by the name of Plainstriders, horse-like creatures called Zhevras, big lizards called Raptors and some even bigger that shoot lightnings from their snouts, small Adders, Prairie Dogs, flying snakes, small gazelles. I am stunned with all the diversity.
At the oupost in the crossroads, I have found many other adventurers. I found more of the Orcs, which I found a very interesting race after meeting one in Camp Taraujo. They are not as big as Taurens and maybe not as kind to others. But I believe in their hearts and their ways. They are very close to the Earth Mother, even if they do not acknowledge her presence.
I also met more of the Forsaken. I still don't understand why they joined the Horde or what they are doing here. But I can not speak of what I do not know. For me, they are most welcome.
Then we have the evil Kolkar, just like Kayrn had reported earlier. During my stay an Orc by the name of Regthar Deathgate has given me the task of getting rid of some of their leaders. While at it, I was lucky enough to find one of their champions, Brokespear... And defeat him in battle. It was a serious blow for that pesky tribe.
I am tired now, and I shall go back to the inn and get some rest. For last night no one here haven't had enough sleep with all the comotion at the Kolkar camping sites. My fault, I guess, for freeing the world of 2 of the 3 leaders here at The Barrens -- good ridance.

Ragefire Chasm: Evil boils under our hoofs

“Dearest Naad,
I write to you this letter with my hands still trembling and the sweat of battle still dripping from the tips of my horns. I’ve tasted battle and fear like I’ve never had, and I live to tell the tale. I sit here in front of our Totem in Elder Rise still shaking in mixed emotions of fear and excitement. I cannot wait for you to know the tale I carry to tell.
As you know I was asked by Rahauro, a Magatha Grimtotem servant, to venture into the Chasm beneath the almighty Orgrimmar city to discover the whereabouts of Maur Grimtotem and his unknown discovery inside that hellish tomb. In a short period of time I was able to find 3 more souls to join me in this perilous quest. A young Warlock from the Forsaken, another of his class Blood Elf and a sister of the druid arts joined me willing to put they’re life’s into danger. I must tell you, Warlocks amaze me as much as they scare me. They walk a very thin line between good and evil, making use of dark and ancient arts of witchcraft to inflict curses and everlasting pain into their foes and summoning secular demons to do their biding. I was never at ease close to that babbling imp and that tenebrous voidwalker. Unnatural things I tell you. And they’re ways of combat…questionable to say the least. Nevertheless they’re dedication to the cause was never ever in question. But those demons…. Creepy things I tell you brother.
So against all odds, we ventured into the chasm. The fight was intense from the very start with all sorts of snake-like beasts storming us, as well earth elementals possessed by demon forces and the ugly and nasty troggs. It was hard. I feared for my life and the ones with me all the seconds of the way. There were too many close calls for me to see the Earth Mother in the Spirit Realm my brother. Thanks to our sister regrowth and healing touch I managed to escape death plenty of times. Our bear form is strong and resistant, yet I sense I’m still not that well equipped to perform this multi-attacks in the perfect way. In time…
Not long after we entered that dark place I felt a tauren presence. Yet I didn’t felt life in it. After an hour of fighting and discovering in those labyrinth caves we’ve found Maur Grimtotem. He was dead and over him was still laughing his death a bigger and stronger trogg called Oggleflint. He was insane. Pure rage and insanity poured from his every word and gesture. Once he saw us he attacked in a rage spur that was almost too hard for the four of us to handle. Yet we came out victorious, but I had no urge to cheer. Maur lied dead in the floor. I was to become the bearer of horrible news to Rahauro and Magatha. I picked up his satchel and when I was ready to leave that cursed place we all heard a ragged voice from the center of the cave that chilled our spines. A demon voice witch it’s only purpose was to inflict corruption into the citizens of Orgrimmar without they’re notice. We knew his name. It was Taragaman the Hungerer. We were all tired and almost running out of strength. Some proposed a return to the Chasm after a days’ rest, but I could not sleep sound that night knowing that the Hungerer was still feeding fel words into the subconscious minds of the citizens of Orgrimmar. That had to stop right away. So we drank some fresh water from our pouches, ate some fresh bread and into a fierce battle we walked.
Ahh Naad my brother I wished you could have seen that fight. It was epic! It’s these kind’s of battle’s that legends are made off. But rest assured…I’m pretty confident that fate reserves those moments to you as well.
As soon and Taragaman saw me he came running swinging his gigantic claymore crafted in the furnaces of hell. He missed the first two strike attempts but the third hit me with all its strength. Was sure to die but the healing spells of our druid sister were fast and powerfull. I roared at him with all my might, and between my maul attacks, the lethal shadowbolts and curses from the locks the demon fell into the ground dead. At least for the moment. We all know these demons have the nasty habit to return when we’re not looking. Therefore we will have to remain vigilant over the chasm from time to time, and now I pass that torch to you. It will be your turn soon enough to go down into the chasm and make sure that horrible demon stays dead forever and ever. Yet the leaders of the Searing Blade remain untouched. Bazzalan and Jergosh. But that will be another tale to unfold in a near future.
Walk with the Earth Mother Naad
Your druid brother,
Kayrn Winterhorn”

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Venture into the Chasm

Today while I visited Elder Rise to some druid training I was approached by Rahauro. Speaking in behalf of Magatha, whose heart weighs in grief, he told me the story of Maur Grimtotem. This was new to me, but apparently there is a darker area in Orgrimmar called Ragefire Chasm. It’s an underground cave where a cult loyal to the demonic Shadow Council has taken up residence. It is called “The Burning Blade”. I still don’t know much about them but I know enough to understand that they stand everything against what the horde and the orc culture stand for. Evil is a word that comes to mind. Safe to say, that cult’s like this should be fought with all our strength and are a reminder that sometimes we don’t need to walk far to fight evil when most of the times it brews right on our door step.

Rahauro believes that Thrall let’s them be for the time being with the purpose that they could lead him to the highest echelons of the Shadow Council, but they’re existence is starting to take its toll.

Maur Grimtotem, found something peculiar while in the Chasm, but he never made it out to show Magatha what it was. He’s been missing, assumingly he probably is dead. Rahauro asked me to step into the Chasm in order to recover Maur’s satchel and reclaim his body if possible. I could never turn my back to such an honorable quest. It’s our obligation to take part in the actions that could bring such an evil cult to the ground, and we druids always look for the righteous path in order to keep the natural balance of nature in check.

I’m currently gathering some courageous souls to join me in this quest. Send me some good winds Earth Mother for tonight....tonight I will venture into the Chasm.

Kayrn was right. The Kolkar roam around the Oasis in The Barrens. I have met found them while on my hunt for Zhevras, very close to the Crossroads. The folks there seem not to mind them. It seems they dare not cross the path of those who seek refuge in this outpost.
I still suffer from the temperature out here. Mulgore is not a cold place but the cold breeze, the fresh grass of the plains and the eventual rain makes it a much more pleasant place.
Still, it is not time to complain. I realize all this is part of my path as a druid. As a Tauren. As one of the sons of the Earth Mother.

A little piece of heaven...

" Dearest Naad,

There is hope after all. So I've heard through a fellow Tauren in Crossroads that there are some Oasis Pools spread around The Barrens. He asked me to find one called Forgotten Pools to get him some spores from there. Don't ask about it, I'm pretty sure he will recruit you as well when your time comes. But bottom line....there is a little piece of heaven in The Barrens and I've found it. It's amazingly green, cool and fresh. Lots of tall tree's like you've never seen in Mulgore with exotic and juicy fruits to kill your hunger, dense and soft grass for you to lie down in a hot day and most important, a fantastic small pond with fresh water and tasty fish waiting to be taken by our fishing poles. How long has it been since our last fishing trip friend? I've been missing those days a lot. Hope to find you here soon enough, and a trip to the Forgotten Pools is a safe-bet my friend.

Ok... there's is a downside to it. There always is. The area is infested in the filthy Kolkar. But I guess that's nothing a couple of young and strong druids can't handle right?

Walk with the Earth Mother my friend

Kayrn Winterhorn "

The Testing Grounds

Almost two days after my leaving of the fresh and green Mulgore prairies and i feel tired. The rough and thin dirt of the Barrens choke every inch of my fur and my muscles yearn for rest. But theres is much to do and learn. I must stay fit in body and in spirit to honor the growth of the bear in me. It grows bold and stronger everyday. Therefore i keep going and pushing the only way a druid can go....forward.
The Barrens are undoubtly a harsh testing grounds to anyone's skills, and there are many here who search that personal proving. Along the way some friends are made, other's are lost to the non-forgiving land, but they're spirits remain in all of us adventures.

My hoofs step into Orgrimmar for the first time. Horde's capital they say. It's all they say it would be.... big, chaotic, noisy, hostile and harsh. I see fellow tauren's roaming the city, some just like me, new adventurer's looking for they're own path in this world, other's deeply scarred by events of experience in the same world we yearn to discover. Races from all corners of the horde meet here, and all sorts of class study's are shown like a show-off in Orgrimmar's main square. I'm seduced by sellers, by very forthcoming female-orcs, tavern owners offering a taste of they're own special brew from dwarves of Winterspring.... but all i want is the peace of my hut and the sounds of mulgore to rock me to sleep. I'm so tired... i wonder if Naad is ready for this? Got to talk to him tomorrow...but for now... help me sleep EarthMother.....

Out of the nest

Finally, the time has come.
My learning is still in the beginning. There is still much to learn and do. But now I have my bear form and I can feel my body stronger and my spirit sharp. My path through the hunt took me to another place. A dry, dusty place where I have met a lot of other races. Journeymen. Young hunters just like me, learning their path. Learning the way of the Earth Mother.
They call it The Barrens. But I miss Mulgore already...
I can not but wonder about Kayrn. He has reached this land only a couple of days ago. We have agreed to meet here at the crossroads. He must have many tales to tell for sure.


Yesterday I was sent to Moonglade on my journey to achieve my Bear form.
I can not even start to explain what I felt during my short stay. That place is truly Earth Mother's home. I felt the peace my people lacked for so many years. Night Elves and Tauren live as one, united by our devotion to the Nature and the Earth Mother.
The Great Bear Spirit honored me with his presence, taught me the ways of the bear and blessed me with his words.
I can not wait for my return there.