The Shapeshifting Chronicles are stories told in the first-person by two Tauren Druids, brothers in spirit, in their quests though the World of Warcraft.
This is their stories. This is their path.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Out of the nest

Finally, the time has come.
My learning is still in the beginning. There is still much to learn and do. But now I have my bear form and I can feel my body stronger and my spirit sharp. My path through the hunt took me to another place. A dry, dusty place where I have met a lot of other races. Journeymen. Young hunters just like me, learning their path. Learning the way of the Earth Mother.
They call it The Barrens. But I miss Mulgore already...
I can not but wonder about Kayrn. He has reached this land only a couple of days ago. We have agreed to meet here at the crossroads. He must have many tales to tell for sure.

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