The Shapeshifting Chronicles are stories told in the first-person by two Tauren Druids, brothers in spirit, in their quests though the World of Warcraft.
This is their stories. This is their path.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Testing Grounds

Almost two days after my leaving of the fresh and green Mulgore prairies and i feel tired. The rough and thin dirt of the Barrens choke every inch of my fur and my muscles yearn for rest. But theres is much to do and learn. I must stay fit in body and in spirit to honor the growth of the bear in me. It grows bold and stronger everyday. Therefore i keep going and pushing the only way a druid can go....forward.
The Barrens are undoubtly a harsh testing grounds to anyone's skills, and there are many here who search that personal proving. Along the way some friends are made, other's are lost to the non-forgiving land, but they're spirits remain in all of us adventures.

My hoofs step into Orgrimmar for the first time. Horde's capital they say. It's all they say it would be.... big, chaotic, noisy, hostile and harsh. I see fellow tauren's roaming the city, some just like me, new adventurer's looking for they're own path in this world, other's deeply scarred by events of experience in the same world we yearn to discover. Races from all corners of the horde meet here, and all sorts of class study's are shown like a show-off in Orgrimmar's main square. I'm seduced by sellers, by very forthcoming female-orcs, tavern owners offering a taste of they're own special brew from dwarves of Winterspring.... but all i want is the peace of my hut and the sounds of mulgore to rock me to sleep. I'm so tired... i wonder if Naad is ready for this? Got to talk to him tomorrow...but for now... help me sleep EarthMother.....

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